Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is an effective technique for restoring the cleanliness and shine of your exteriors and surfaces using a power washer. It can remove most dirt, stains, and dust off your surfaces, and it is also effective in ridding your walls and floors of mold and mildew. Power washers use just enough force, so the technique is usually safe for most surfaces. 

Wooden Surfaces

Pressure washing is safe for wooden surfaces. A good wash will remove stains, dust, mold, and mildew patterns off the wooden surface. If the wooden surface is varnished, you may want to consider adjusting the water pressure to ensure the varnish does not wash off or peel off. We are experienced in this area and can clean your wooden surface damage free.

Brick and Concrete

If your brick-tiled driveway or bohemian brick walls have started looking dull and discolored, pressure washing may be the solution for you. Exterior surfaces collect dust and sand from streets. Roofs and pavements are also exposed to smoke and soot from traffic. 

Using extremely high-water pressure on painted brick surfaces or concrete surfaces may cause the paint to wash off. If your roof, walls, or pavement looks unappealing, call us at Arabelle window cleaning to get them to look spic and span once again.

Surfaces Made of Stone

Pressure washing works excellently for stone surfaces. It helps remove dirt and grime that may have built up in cracks and gaps. We can free your stone surfaces of all unnecessary elements that have stuck to them settled on them. 

Pressure Washing Works on Most Surfaces

Pressure washers are also effective in cleaning other surfaces like stucco, metal, and plastic. Since the technique involves using a lot of water and high-pressure water jets, it’s best to contact experts. Call us today for a free and easy quote!